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Symbiosis Healthcare Plc

Further delays in filing Audited Accounts

The Board wishes to inform the members that there is a further delay in the filing of the Company’s Audited Financial



Press Release
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Symbiosis Healthcare plc was established in 2008 to provide quality healthcare in the Gulf States.

Its primary operating model is the provision of healthcare services through specialist-orentated and multi-disciplinary clinics within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Symbiosis Healthcare and Medicentres has developed a strong reputation within the UAE, Attracting many patients to its facilities by providing European standards of healthcare treatment through medical practitioners trained in the UK and Germany.

Core Values – 4 C’S:

* Care
* Consistency
* Coordination
* Communication


“Symbiosis Healthcare will strive to deliver highest quality comprehensive health care of international standard to the people we serve through the collaboration of qualified medical professionals”

Mission Statement

Symbiosis Healthcare aims to provide patients with primary, comprehensive, continuous and confidential medical care. We make every effort to provide medical service in a friendly, caring and professional environment. We will at all times endeavour to treat patients courteously and with respect to their individual needs.